Sierra Vista Merced

iMatter 1
iMatter 1 is a program for children K-12th grade that teaches social emotional skills aimed at reducing impulsive and aggressive behavior while increasing social competence. The goals of the program are to improve classroom environments, improve parenting and improve behaviors in children.

Head Start
Head Start is a collaborative program between Merced County Office of Education and Sierra Vista that provides education and support for parents of children ages 0-5 who are struggling with social, emotional, and behavioral difficulties.

School Based Services
Counseling Services are provided in a special day class setting for emotionally disturbed children. The program also works with children to transition them from higher levels of care back to their home school and prevent children from needing higher levels of care. School based counseling students are referred through the intervention early prevention (IEP) process.

Early Mental Health Services
Through a grant from First 5 Merced County, Sierra Vista Child & Family Services provides an Early Mental Health Support Program for children from birth through age five and their families. The program provides a continuum of community-based mental health services including individual assessment, counseling, parent education, case management and referral. The project also provides mental health consultation services for preschools and day care providers.