Regional Mentoring Alliance

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About Us

Sierra Vista’s Regional Mentoring Alliance (RMA) will bring together mentors, mentees, educators, businesses, community leaders and communitybased organizations; and will empower them with the knowledge, skills and training necessary to create a culture of mentoring in our community through becoming mentors, advocates and supporters of our youth.

The RMA offers a variety of mentoring trainings, technical assistance, support services, as well as a school-based mentoring program. These services include best practices for both mentor and mentoring organizations. The RMA staff and resources assist organizations, individuals, and businesses with opportunities to get involved with their community by making a difference in the life of a child.

The vision of the RMA is to be the rallying point for mentoring within our Region based upon the elements of “Best Practices” for mentoring programs. It will be a catalyst in linking individuals, organizations and communities to existing mentoring programs, and help to extend the reach of high quality mentoring programs and leverage additional services in local communities for sustainability and success.