Imagine  going through life with no one to hold your hand.

Be a Mentor

Sierra Vista offers two ways to become a mentor and support the youth in our community. Please take a moment to look at the information below and learn how you can become a Mentor and show through your actions that we all matter and we all deserve to live life to the fullest.

  • Community Mentoring Program

    Currently more than 19 million children grow up in single parent households in the United States (U.S. Census Bureau 2007). Children who grow up without the support of two parents are more likely to develop and engage in behavior that is not conducive to a healthy lifestyle, which can lead to a multitude of negative outcomes. Fortunately, there is light at the end of the tunnel! Researchers have found that non-familial adults who mentor on an individual basis, children from single-parent families are able to significantly decrease negative impacts associated with being at-risk, as well as increase positive attributes within the child's life.

    Mentored youth show increased levels of self-esteem and self-worth, reduced absences from school, improvement academically and in school interaction, develop greater respect and interaction with peers and adults, learn about the opportunities available to them, discover that the choices they make have consequences that impact them through their lives, and show a greater understanding of the opportunities available to them and the positive impact they can have on their community and the world.

    To learn more about how you can become involved in our Youth Mentoring Resource Center, please call (209) 523-4573.

  • Foster Youth Mentor Program

    Youth experiencing foster care are among our nation's most vulnerable young people. Many have been abused or neglected, resulting in a multitude of emotional and developmental needs. Because the lives of these children in care are often wrought with instability and frequent moves, they can benefit tremendously from the consistent attention of a mature, caring adult.

    The Sierra Vista Foster Care Mentor Program establishes consistent, caring adult relationships for youth in care, assisting youth in developing coping and problem-solving skills to nurture competence and resilience, strengthen relationships with adults, encourage development of aspirations and goals, reduce harmful risk-taking behavior, and introduce them to enjoyable opportunities and experiences.

    To learn more about how you can reach out to some of the most vulnerable children in our community and let them know that they are special, loved, and a brighter future awaits them, please call (209) 491-0972.